What are your hours?

Showroom hours are weekdays 9am-5:30pm, Saturdays 9am-1pm, and by appointment. Service hours are by appointment (sometimes we’re on-site as early as 5:30 am!)

Pool Maintenance

Can you help my pool or spa maintain chemical balance?

Yes! Not only do we sell several additives to improve pH, we can do in-house laser water sampling to determine exactly what your pool or spa water needs to get to the correct chemical balance.

Is there an alternative cleaner to chlorine?

Yes! We know many people are allergic to chlorine, or love their pool or hot tub but can’t stand what chlorine does to their skin. We carry chlorine-alternative Baquacil and Baqua Spa, and enzyme-based cleaner Spa Marvel, which you can read more about here.

Products We Carry

What spa manufacturers do you carry?

We are an official Emerald Spas dealer, and we also carry hot tubs by Sundance.

What pool products do you carry?

We carry chemicals and cleaners for pools from Baquacil and Baqua Spa. These are great for balancing and cleaning your pool chemistry in a chlorine-free way! We also stock several models of new and pre-owned select spas, spa accessories, some pool parts.

What pool manufacturers do you carry?

We are authorized Pentair and Hayward dealer for new pool installs. We also repair most models of pools.


What makes and models do you service?

We service all makes and models for pools and spas. Our warranty service only covers Sundance, Great Lakes, and Emerald Spa products.

When can you come to perform service on my pool / spa?

Usually we can be on-site and working on your pool or spa within 24 hours. Please call the store at 715-736-2747 to talk with us about when we can get your repair or maintenance started!