Grill like a champ

Models to cook for everyone from the small family to the whole neighborhood: Louisiana Grills pellet grills are the best way to grill to perfection each and every time. These grills cook in that genuine “wood-fired” taste that only a pure hardwood can add, but with the ease of a push-button starting, temperature setting, and low-maintenance cooking. Paradise Pools & Spas is your backyard store and authorized Louisiana Grills dealer.


Once you have your grill, cook with that WOW flavor each time with BBQ Wood Pellets. Louisiana Grills produces 100% natural hardwood pellets to add sweet, rich, smokey, tangy, spicy, tart, and even savory tones to your meals. Call or visit the store to see the full range of incredible accents available for your Louisiana Grill.


There’s no place like your own backyard

Bring the family together in the backyard. For gatherings, for meals, and for fun – make your backyard time quality time with a great food, great flavors, and great company. To learn more about our full range of Louisiana Grills, visit the store or call us today at 715-736-2747.



Paradise Pools & Spas is an authorized Louisiana Grill dealer and your backyard gathering center.
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