Water Care


Keep it clean with Baquacil and Baqua Spa!

Control bacteria and algae like never before. Discover a new way to keep your pool or spa clean and balanced with Baquacil and Baqua Spa chlorine-free oxidizers, unique formulations that are easier on eyes and skin, and cause less wear on the pool. Baquacil and Baqua Spa systems are cost-effective and easy to start. Give us a call to learn more about keeping your pool clean!


Paradise Pools & Spas also carries products to balance your pool or spa’s alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH level. Cleaners are available to prevent waterline deposits, break up foam, prevent discoloration and scum buildup, neutralizes metals, and keep your water clean and clear.


Laser Water Sampling

We also offer low-cost laser water sampling so you can get a report of all the minerals, impurities, and pH level of your pool or spa water. Call to learn more about this special service and to schedule a time to bring in your water sample at 715-736-2747.




Control metals, maintain clarity, and keep your pool water clean like never before with chlorine-free Baquacil products. We’re an authorized Baquacil dealer!

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Bromine-free and chlorine-free Baqua Spa is the best way to keep your spa or hot tub clear and free from microbes and algae. Learn more about Baqua Spa on their website or when you contact us!

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Spa Marvel is a great water treatment and conditioner that gets results using an enzyme-based, environmentally-friendly compound and reduces or eliminates chemicals needed for traditional spa water treatment.

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